Productize Yourself

Earn with your mind, not with your time

As an ambitious solopreneur, one of the most impactful mindset shifts you can make is to start thinking of yourself as a product. This principle of "Productizing Yourself" is something strongly advocated by Naval Ravikant, the wildly popular thinker and investor. By viewing your skills and knowledge as a product to be refined, marketed, and sold, you open up huge potential for scalable income streams.

The Path to Productization: 

So how do you actually productize yourself? Naval offers some clear strategies:

  1. Build in public: Document and share your journey, skills, and expertise publicly to attract an audience.

  2. Teach everything you know on one platform: Pick a content hub and comprehensively share your knowledge there.

  3. Start a free community around your interests: Bring together people aligned with your niche.

  4. Start an email list and weekly newsletter: This owned distribution channel is hugely valuable.

  5. Listen closely to customer problems, then create solutions: Your product should address real pain points.

Here are a few take aways from Almanack of Naval Ravikant:

  • Wealth comes from owning things that earn while you sleep, like products with no marginal cost of replication1. Creating digital assets allows you to scale without limits.

  • Find the thing you're uniquely good at. No one can compete with you on being you16. Lean into your specific knowledge to create value.

  • Retirement is when you stop sacrificing today for an imaginary tomorrow1. Productizing gives you more freedom and control over your time.

My Productized Journey:

  • Build in public.

  • Teach everything you know on one platform.

  • Start a free community around your interests.

  • Start an email list and a weekly email newsletter.

  • Listen to customer problems, and then create a digital product.

I've been diligently applying these principles with this newsletter Exitliquidity. By consistently teaching what I know about profitability and independence, I've built an engaged audience of 5,000+ subscribers and have been posting video content on Instagram too!!

I'll create comprehensive video course product. It takes all my lessons and real-world experience, and packages them into a structured, premium program for productizing my services as a solopreneur.

The course is still a work in progress, but Exitliquidity subscribers will get early access and a special discount as a thank you for being part of this journey!

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